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The Reviews  of Onomea Tea:

This Onomea Black Tea from the Big Island of Hawaii is a rewarding tea experience from first aroma all the way through the 4th and 5th steeping. The moment you open the pouch of this tea your senses are greeted with an enticing aroma of the sweet roasting of caramel and an array of exotic fruits. How appropriate for a tea organically grown and processed in Hawaii. It mirrors the experience one has when embarking from your flight to Hawaii and being engulfed with lush tropic aromas.

The experience continues as you examine the dry leaf which clearly reflects a hand-crafted artisan tea. The dry leaf reminds me of the hand-crafted black teas that come from the high mountain tea regions of Taiwan. The dry tea leaves are beautifully twisted with the plenty of young buds. Examining the leaves one can see the time, care and craftsmanship that went into the plucking, withering and production of this exceptional black tea.

This tea brought me back to a Sichuan black tea I experienced in my early tea drinking days. I have tried to find a similar black tea ever since and this Onomea Black Tea is the closest I’ve found to that Sichuan black tea experience.

The wonderful dried fruit, warm caramel and vanilla aroma is accompanied by a smooth full rich mouth through 3 steeps before it tapers off quickly in steeps 4 and 5. The color in the cup is a clear medium caramel tone with orange highlight and I see the color speaking directly to the care that has gone into the processing of this tea. The clarity and cleanness of the color and mouth says “organic.” I know often in the Specialty Tea industry the discussion over whether “organic” impacts the final flavor in the cup is debated, in this case this tea is so very clean and bright in its aroma, color in the cup and mouth experience that one would have to agree this “organic” black tea delivers.

I think in time as the tea bush begins to gather experience in the ground, the plant becomes older this tea will develop into quite a treasure. The artisan care, wonderful terroir and the control of tannins makes this a black tea that is not to be missed.

~Alan Laszuk,Tea Consultant, Certified TeaMaster ATMA, Certified Black Tea STI

For an exquisite experience on the big island of Hawaii near Hilo, visit the Onomea Tea Company’s jewel-like plantation overlooking the Pacific and Onomea Bay. Growers Rob Nunally and Mike Longo welcome small groups by appointment only for intimate tastings of limited-production teas that rank among the world’s finest.
The New York Review of Books,
I'm loving the umami of this tea! This is the first time I've been able to detect any umami in a non-Japanese tea. I always assumed that it was the steaming method employed in the production of Japanese green teas that resulted in their rich umami flavor but if your tea was in fact pan-fired in the Chinese style then that must not be the case. Could it be volcanic soil that produces this flavor or am I missing something else? As I'm still a little wary about drinking too much Japanese tea in the wake of Fukushima it's a pleasant surprise to discover a tea from Hawaii that shares some of its unique characteristics.

I wish you every success in your pioneering efforts to grow domestically produced tea.

This is a must not miss experience! You don't need to be an expert, you only need to like tea to make the most of this incredible opportunity to learn about and enjoy tea in the most beautiful and tranquil setting imaginable. Rob and Mike are very welcoming and knowledgeable and made this the highlight of our trip. We really appreciate all of their hard work so that we could enjoy a few hours of complete serenity.
Homuth Family, Minnesota & California
This was a fabulous event. The pace was just right and the variety of information along the tour ending with the tasting couldn't have been better. I don't know how it could be improved.
Marilyn Bernhardt,
Onomea teas are by far the most aromatic, smooth & satisfying to our taste. Keep on growing it!
David D’Anna,
Received my black and my white tea and find them both delicious. Can’t wait to try the Oolong in the future.
Mary Fisher,
Very friendly and informative. Teas were very good along with the view.
Ralf and Courtney,
Onomea tea is my tea of choice! This is some of the best tea ever!
I’ve been a tea drinker for many years and this is my favorite, by far!

I love the big loose leaves: no straining. The subtle flavors combined with bold fruitiness. Delightful.
Vince, California
Fabulous event. Instructive ideas in an unforgettable setting. Great interchange of people.
Elizabeth Hansen,
I am reminded and inspired by Mihaela's blog to commend Mike and Rob for their commitment to producing high quality tea from the ground up. There are few things as pleasant as getting back to center over a cup of well crafted Onomea tea. Thank you.
I had an excellent time - both Rob and Mike are knowledgeable, kind, and genuine with their guests. Will now buy my green tea from them instead of a Boston company.
Bill Higa,
Perched on a seaside cliff overlooking Onomea Bay and fanned by the gentle trade winds, the tea produced by plants grown by Onomea Tea Company embody the depth and complexity of the South Pacific region with notes of tropical fruits and the deep blue ocean. What a treat to discover this treasure along the Hamakua Coast!
The black tea is my favorite in the world! can’t wait to try the tea that has been processed with the new method.
Had the distinct pleasure of visiting many times since inception. Can’t think of a better place to learn about the operation and taste the finished products. Onomea Bay is a uniquely beautiful backdrop and the owners perfect hosts. Our tea knowledge and appreciation has grown exponentially since our first tour. Highly recommend the complete experience from walking the fields to savoring every cup.
Doug & Kathy,