Summer Begins at Onomea Tea!

L to R, Mike, Rob, Justin, Janice and Gary



Our summer harvests are beginning! After pruning about a month ago our tea is flushing again. We spent a cloudy Friday picking our upper field. Our friends, Janice and Gary were as surprised as we were when we looked at the time and noticed we’d been picking non stop for 7 hours. WOW! The result was a wonderful black tea, rich with caramel notes and honey aromas.

Picking has become a wonderful time with these dear friends. A time when we catch up and talk about our projects, our challenges, and life on this incredible island. I have to say I appreciate the time we spend in the field. Agriculture is hard work and it takes a team to accomplish it. Being able to call upon friends makes it a much more pleasant task. After the harvest its time for brunch and champagne to toast the harvest. Most often Mike, who is a wonderful cook. prepares the brunch. Fritata, eggs with peppers or a pancake brunch have all been had. Accompanying the brunch is black tea, the fruit of our labor.


Toasting the harvest, L to R, Rob, Janice, Justin, Mark and Mike. Gary providing photography skills.


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