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Play the ONOMEA TEA SONG (by Nell Robinson and Jim Nunally)
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Onomea Hawaiian Tea is Certified Organic, by International Certification Services, Inc. We are committed to sustainable, organic, clean farming practices. We minimize external inputs to our farm. To the degree possible we use natural substances from this land to mulch and provide nutrition for our tea plants. We believe this is especially important since tea leaves are not washed prior to processing. What has been sprayed or used in the soil surrounding tea stays on the leaf. Growing organically contributes to maintaining the highest health benefits of tea. Be good to your body try our 100% Organic Hawaii Tea!


Onomea Tea Company

In Hawaii it is common to use the Hawaiian word “ONO” to mean good, delicious, or flavorful. “MEA” refers to a place or thing. We use this name not only to identify our big island location but in describing the quality of our tea. Onomea Tea Company sits just above Onomea Bay on the scenic Hamakua coast of Hawaii Island. Stunningly beautiful, abundant rain with rich volcanic soils, it is ideal for making good, flavorful whole leaf Hawaii teas.

We process the tea leaves into white, green, oolong and black teas and are excited by the exotic subtle, yet complex flavors achieved in this environment. Certified organic by International Certification Services, Inc., we believe careful and healthful stewardship of the land contribute to healthy, flavorful tea and ensure the land stays clean and rich for the future generations.

We invite you to browse this site and when your time and inclination beckons, come visit our lovely tea estate. We offer tea tastings by reservation and can also provide special tea functions or events. Sampling teas in the environment in which they are grown enhances the reflective tea experience and what better place to experience tea than the beautiful island of Hawaii. Hit the Trip Advisor button below to see our reviews.