HE ,  JING ,  YI ,  ZHEN
Peace, Tranquility, Enjoyment and Truth.

Onomea Tea Company offers a wonderful educational tea experience on our estate. We call it a tea tasting. It includes a tour of the tea growing fields, the processing area and then tasting our certified organic, 100% Hawaii grown tea.  The tasting itself is done in gongfu cha style, a modified Chinese method of experiencing tea with the senses of sight, smell, taste and feel. It’s fun, informal and educational. The local view from our lanai is amazing. During the winter months sometimes humpback whales are seen.

Tea Tour/Tastings are offered by reservation only and priced at $40.00 per person. Delicious home baked scones with home made toppings conclude the tasting. Allow approximately three hours for this unique experience. Onomea Tea is not available for drop in tours. Advance reservations are required. Tours/tastings are not recommended for children. Click the CONTACT US link to make a reservation for a tea tasting... Mahalo!  CONTACT US
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Tasting Onomea tea

Tasting Onomea tea